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GuangDong Daer Novel Materials Co.,Ltd.


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GuangDong Daer Novel Materials Co.,Ltd.


Hot Line:

86 20 82557380

TEL : +86 20 82557383
FAX : +86 20 82557382
E-mail : service@daer-novel.com
Service Q Q : 2056152496
Address:No. 15, Nanxiang 3Rd., Sci. City, Huangpu District, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China

About us


  Daer is a young and innovative company. In Chinese wisdom and the creation of China-made background, from several in the country have a certain reputation and influence of polymer materials experts with industrial rejuvenation of the dream, joint venture investment management company to set up large investment.

  Company headquarters and laboratories located in Guangzhou Science City, the production base is located in Guangzhou and Qingyuan at the junction of Guangqing Industrial Park, covers an area of 30 mu, building area of 19800m 2, a total investment of 72,600,000 yuan. At the beginning of the establishment of all management systems, equipment and facilities are in accordance with world-class standards for the design and construction, to achieve automation and refinement of the production process. In addition to good hardware, the company also has a high-quality personnel, there are five doctors, eight master’s degree, college-level or higher staff accounting for more than 80 percent. Talent gathering not only ensure that we have a strong product development capabilities, but also have a scientific manufacturing management, brand promotion. Market expansion and improve after-sales service capabilities.

  Our products include solvent-free high-performance epoxy floor coatings, water-based epoxy floor coatings, water-based polyurethane coatings, water-based anti-corrosion coatings and high-performance polyurea products, but also research and development of water-based paint, adhesives and functional building materials. All products meet the requirements of the use at the same time, to achieve national environmental standards, green products is the pioneer and pioneer.

  Daer although young, but the heavy responsibility, has been the community attention. In the future development of the road, we will be in: quality, advanced technology, business integrity, cooperation and win-win concept, with all the partners to grow together to create a domestic situation of high-end brands.


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